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http://scripting.com/2016/05/21/1276.html "So, when Bernie Sanders talks about corporate ownership of the electoral process, the right response is, why the fuck isn't he talking about the rise of fascism in the US?"
Bec@use when yøu sleep, yøur br@in t@kes the øppørtunity
tø deƒec@te. Trump ønly sleeps ƒør ƒøur høurs @ night,
@nd @s such his skull is liter@lly ƒull øƒ shit. Høwever,
tø st@te these øbjective ƒ@cts wøuld be perceived tøø
much @s being Trump-like cømments.
National Socialism is still Socialism so Bernie may be a
Trump is running to avoid another bankruptcy by raising
funds from Trump chumps, Bernie won't quit because he
needs the cash and Hiłłary is running to teach Biłł a
łesson. RIP America.
Trump caught embezzling campaign funds. "Called
Today Bri†ain ge†s Brexi†, fresh recession, and Trump.
The elderly and †he poorly-educa†ed are clearly calling
†he sho†s.
What the fuck is wrong with Jeremy Corbyn comparing
Israel to IS at a time when racism is on the rise and his
liberal support is the only thing keeping him from being
deposed? Supporting Palestine is all well and good but
criticise actions, not entire groups/nations of
politics is a joke
Huzzah, †he leas† homophobic Coñserva†ive cañdida†e is
goiñg †o be †he ñex† Prime Miñis†er. Shame she iñflic†ed
†he Sñooper's Char†er oñ us †hough, firs† s†ep
†owards usheriñg iñ her Orwelliañ ñigh†mare fu†ure. Añd
wi†h s†roñg elec†ioñ fa†igue, we're powerless †o s†op
i†. Cañ we swap †his for Brave New World? We a† leas†
should ge† some soma for our siñs.
Wipe America clean again with TP
Death to america
Thē U.S. is a puppēt show
How can we get rid of the anti-intellectuals in
The facts are to blame for their liberal bias, and thüs
müst be altered to reflect oür leaders more favoürably.
Gēt rid of thē iñtēllēctuãls, so thērē'rē ñoñē to
Canada has drawn the joker. Day of the rake soon :(
Nazis are stupid. Americans are stupid. Thereføre
American nazis are überdumm.
Jeremy Corbyn is a socialist who wants to nationalise
everything, therefore Jeremy Corbyn is a national
Yøu can't say Jeremy Cørbyn is a Nazi just because
he's a pøpulist leader øƒ an authøritarian and
anti-semitic pølitical party riding øn a leadership cult
wave øver it’s øwn lack øƒ substance and ambiguity.