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http://scripting.com/2016/05/21/1276.html "So, when Bernie Sanders talks about corporate ownership of the electoral process, the right response is, why the fuck isn't he talking about the rise of fascism in the US?"
ßecause when ¥øu sleep, ¥øur brain takes the øppørtunit¥
tø defecate. Trump ønl¥ sleeps før føur høurs a night,
and as such his skull is literall¥ full øf shit. Høwever,
tø state these øbjective facts wøuld be perceived tøø
much as being Trump-like cømments.
Nationał Sociałism is stiłł Sociałism so Bernie may be a
Trump is running †o avoid ano†her bankrup†cy by raising
funds from Trump chumps, Bernie won'† qui† because he
needs †he cash and Hillary is running †o †each Bill a
lesson. ®IP America.
Trümp caüght embezzling campaign fünds. "Called
Todãy Britãin gets Brexit, fresh recession, ãnd Trump.
The elderly ãnd the poorly-educãted ãre cleãrly cãlling
the shots.
What the fuck is wrong with Jeremy Corbyn comparing
Israel to IS at a time when racism is on the rise and his
liberal support is the only thing keeping him from being
deposed? Supporting Palestine is all well and good but
criticise actions, not entire groups/nations of
politics is a joke
Huzzah, the łeast homophobic Conservative candidate is
going to be the next Prime Minister. §hame she inƒłicted
the §nooper's Charter on us though, ƒirst step
towards ushering in her Ωrwełłian nightmare ƒuture. And
with strong ełection ƒatigue, we're powerłess to stop
it. Can we swap this ƒor Brave New Worłd? We at łeast
shoułd get some soma ƒor our sins.
Wipe America clean again with TP
Death tø america
The U.S. is a puppet show
How can we ge† rid of †he an†i-in†ellec†uals in
The facts are to blame for their liberal bias, añd thus
must be altered to reflect our leaders more favourably.
Ge† rid of †he in†ellec†uals, so †here're none †o
Cãnãdã hãs drãwn the joker. Dãy of the rãke soon :(
Nazi$ are $tupid. American$ are $tupid. Therefore
American nazi$ are überdumm.
Jeremy Cørbyn is a søcialis† whø wan†s †ø na†iønalise
every†hing, †hereføre Jeremy Cørbyn is a na†iønal