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Words are woñderƒul, but so is their abseñce.
Words aren't wonderful. Statistically, 100% of fights
are caused by words.
so true, it's not like it's genetics, survival
instinct, mating rights or other gain ever started a
Animals don't havē words.
humans are ałso animałs
Mãñ i$ ã rope, fã$☨eñed be☨weeñ ãñimãl ãñd Übermeñ$ch
– ã rope over ãñ ãby$$
Ah, Nietz$che, if only your work hadn't been
manipulated for profit and political gain. Context i$
important. I interpret the Übermen$ch a$ being they who
rai$e them$elve$ above their genetic imperative$,
what'$ your interpretation mebio?
Nietzsche definitly had some eugenic ideas, but the
Übermensch has also an ethical compound. He does not
follow the moral of the weak and the slave but has the
morals of the masters and creates his own values.
Stiłł it woułdn't be nice to sacrifice the weak
humans to fułfiłł our deepest desires. Or woułd it?
įt might feel gøød, but it wøuld still leave yøu menschy,
nøt uber cøøl.
Did he believe in enforced eugenics, or did his sister
edit it to seem that way?
in Götzen-Dämmerung (1889) he had some sympathies for the caste system as a way to breed people. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tschandala#Nietzsche.27s_use_of_the_term
Døn't bend. Ascend!
Is thãt why nãzis usēd thē swãstikã? In ã wãy thãt's
whãt wē got. Additionãl incrēmēnts in clãss structurē..
Eithēr thãt or thē tiērs of thē middlē clãssēs rēplãcēd
thē clērgy.
Hyperg@my is @ re@li☨y.
http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Manusm%E1%B9%9Bti#Modern_reception_and_Criticism explains better that Nietzsche did not favour the oppression of the outcastes
so only 'positive eugenics' (Supporting the
reproduction of People with good genetics.)
No, Nietzsche was a ñihilist añd critic, who did ñot seek
to propagate añy orgañised belief structure, merely
ackñowledged the flaws of the system he/we live iñ. That
we are all too humañ to coñsider the Übermeñsch to have
yet come to be.
iñ the three metamorpho$e$ of the $pirit (camel, lioñ añd
child) the ñihili$tic lioñ i$ oñly the $ecoñd $tage. he
de$troy$ the old value$, but the child i$ buildiñg ñew
oñe$. Every Law of the humañ$ would be wroñg for the
Übermeñ$ch, but humañ law$ cañ help to create him.
^Precisel¥. We are førced tø create these laws but must
acknøwledge them as being the result øf imperfect
humanit¥. I like ¥øu.