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Shy Atheist

The Shy Atheists

While politicians often call out God, why are those without faith so shy in comparison?

Gods Money

The God Business

A look at how churches get ahold of your money and what they're spending it on.

Mixing God And Politics

Mixing God And Politics

More and more people say they don’t believe in God. So why is it still such a taboo in politics?

Secular Graduation

All Secular Roads Lead Away From Rome

Emerald Baynton, author of The Scientific Homeschooler, tells the story of her upbringing in Catholic school and how it taught her the importance of secular education.

Atheism in Tunisia

What Is It Like To Be An Atheist In Muslim States?

This is the story of a Tunisian ex-muslim and the reaction to his newfound atheism.

Secular Nigeria

Religious Conflict And The Case For Secularism In Nigeria

Despite Nigeria's strides towards democracy and it's recent economic success, the country still grapples with sectarian violence. Secularism could be the answer to this challenging problem.

When Thoughts And Prayers Are Not Enough

After a number of devastating terror attacks, school shootings and natural disasters such as Hurricane Irma, a backlash has begun against weak leaders and politicians offering ‘thoughts and prayers’ to the victims and their families instead of decisive action.

Authors Wanted

Authors Wanted

We're on the look out for informed atheists and agnostics who are able to write compelling articles for publication on - Please contact us if you'd like to give it a try!