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Womens Fundamental Rights

Does Religion Fuel Pervasive Misogyny?

A guide to some of the scriptural sexism written in to religion from the very beginning.

Atheism in Tunisia

What Is It Like To Be An Atheist In Muslim States?

This is the story of a Tunisian ex-muslim and the reaction to his newfound atheism.

Born This Way

It's Not Me, It's My God

What to do when people use religion as an excuse for homophobia

The EXJW Watchtower

Are The Jehovah's Witnesses A Cult?

Watching the Watchtower


Media Is The New Mass

How modern media has taken up religion's slack

Religious Family

A few tips on how to deal with those awkward, religious relative moments

In my experience, politely telling a religious family member that you reject their most fundamental assumptions about the universe is not dissimilar to trying to politely punch someone in the face. It’s not easy.


Armchair Awe for Ardent Atheists

It's often argued by the religious that atheists lack a sense of awe in the world around us, so here are a few examples of awe in nature and science we can all enjoy.

When Thoughts And Prayers Are Not Enough

After a number of devastating terror attacks, school shootings and natural disasters such as Hurricane Irma, a backlash has begun against weak leaders and politicians offering ‘thoughts and prayers’ to the victims and their families instead of decisive action.

Debunking Religious Pseudo-Science

While it is true that you'll catch more flies with honey than vinegar, sometimes the stifling surroundings of an oppressively religious environment can turn the best of us sour. This article is a humourous example of one reaction to the pickling of science in religion, by a physics teacher and atheist.

Authors Wanted

Authors Wanted

We're on the look out for informed atheists and agnostics who are able to write compelling articles for publication on - Please contact us if you'd like to give it a try!